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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I have a little gripe about the media, our technology and hurricane Katrina.
Is it me, or did the media and our government fail to do their job in reporting the strength and destruction this hurricane would bring? I have witnessed more media attention for previous hurricanes and tropical storms, but Katrina did not seem to get as much attention in the media as the last couple of hurricanes did before they hit. (At least on the West Coast it seems that way.) How many satellites, high resolution images, and computer generated models tracked this hurricane? Here we are 2 days after this disaster struck and the U.S. seems shocked and suprised about how strong this hurricane was?
We have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in technology to tell us when a hurricane is forming so that we can get out of the way and yet so many people didn't?
What in the heck went so wrong here?

I disagree with this story:

because of this:

Remember that Kansas is still offering free land!


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