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Monday, May 15, 2006


In 1991, people thought we were off the wall for talking about the debit card/cash card taking the place of cash and the use of "computer" cash. Well, it happened. We will stand behind the following article which was sent to us by a fellow Christian. The 666 in Revelation may be purposely ignored by the Catholic Church and other denominations of Christianity but there is no longer any excuse when there is blatant truth to it appearing in our world. We could understand why so many were "cautious" and failed to ask or answer any questions about the number 666. For centuries the fact was that many readers of the Word could not comprehend or understand how the number 666 would wind up on all items bought and sold (Revelation Chapter 13). How easy is it for us in 2006 to comprehend the significance of 666 with knowledge of the binary code and the fact that UPC codes are organized/stored by computers using 6 as the first bar, 6 as the direct middle bar, and 6 as the last bar? There are many other examples...

The Coming Cashless Society
by Jan Markell

Author and financial planner Ethan Pope is hardly a sensationalist. Pope believes the coming one world global currency, all electronic, will be here in a few short years. Not a prophet, obviously he will not put a date on this. But we see shades of it even now with debit cards, credit cards, electronic banking, and more. The effort is global, not just the Western world. Pope frankly says, "change or be left behind."

Since at some point all of this will require technology, all will need to be familiar with a computer or have a family member or friend deal with the issue. It is likely that someday the Antichrist will also communicate en mass via the computer. The world is pressing forward with this; it is just a matter of time.
Already some consumers are ready to sacrifice some privacy due to the threat of more terrorist attacks. But how much will we be willing to compromise? Maybe a lot when the "benefits" are realized, but remember, for each benefit, there is a down side.

• There would be a decrease in crime and as a result a savings to Americans alone of about $1 billion a year.
• Expect a decrease in all violent crime related to money.
• The elimination of counterfeit money.
• The elimination of money laundering and a decrease in drug trafficking.
• No check writing, stolen checks, or lost checks.
• Global transactions will be easy. You can buy anything simply all over the world.

Since everything will have an RFID chip nothing will ever be lost. However, there is huge potential for abuse here.
And what about the negatives?
Hackers and other criminals can get your information through identity theft. They may not be able to steal your wallet with $25 in it, but they can steal ALL of your money electronically.
Someone will view every transaction you make. This will require a national identification system and every transaction you make will be recorded.

Some segments of society are already 80% cashless. The IRS wants forms filed electronically though it is not yet mandatory.
E-cash is on the way. Will this just play out in the Tribulation with the one world system when cash is worthless anyway and a "mark" necessary? The author speculates that this is a run-up to that and I would second that. However, there is nothing intrinsically bad about a cashless society UNLESS evil people control it and monitor it. But the further we move into the last days, the more evil will intensify.

If you have eyes to see, things are coming to pass as predicted. For the believer, we look up. For the unbeliever, is it any wonder the Bible says that men's hearts would fail them for fear? Only "God is the stability of our times," (Is. 33:6).
To learn more about issues related to current events and Bible prophecy, check out the "Prophecy Watch" link at http://www.olivetreeviews.org/topics/prophecy.shtml There are many stories there to substantiate this issue and dozens more.

Awaiting His return,
Jan Markell



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