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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Christian Persecution in India

Let us re-state a fundamental fact: Christianity IS THE MOST persecuted religion!
We find it ironic that this fact stirs so many people to anger!
People, look at the facts, and before jumping to irrational conclusions...do some research yourself.
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From Voice of the Martyrs Magazine, May 2006, p. 6:


Established in 1925, the purpose of the Rashtria Swayamsevak Sang (RSS), also known as the Indian Volunteers Corp, was to strengthen India's cultural heritage. The RSS was originally considered a social organization that assisted Hindu refugees who fled Pakistan for India at the time of partitioning in 1947. The RSS advanced the ideology of Hindutva-one common nation, one common race closely associated with Hinduism. The RSS also formed a political wing, the Jan Sangh Party, which became the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in 1980. The BJP controlled the federal government from 1998 until April 2004, when it lost the national election to the Congress Party. Dalit voters were believed responsible for the Congress Party victory.

Christian leaders say RSS members now feel deprived of their right to rule INdia. Christians and other non-Hindus are unlikely to support the BJP becasue of its close connection to the RSS and the Hindutva ideology. Thus, the RSS and BJP believe the Dalits should remain as Hindus- not only for ideological reasons, but also for political ones. In their minds, Hindus are more likely to support the political parites that advance Hinduvta.

Since losing the national election in 2004, the RSS hass stepped up efforts to establish a Defense Army- training up young Hindu recruits in order to defend Hinduism and prevent Indians (especially the Dalits) from converting to Christianity. An estimated 3 million Indians are believed to have participated in Defense Army training exercises. RSS officials now oversee a network of some 70-plus Hindu groups called the Sangh Parivar. They preach that only "true" Indians accept and respect Hindutva. The Sangh Parivar's Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) groups are responsible for many of the recent attacks against Christians. They are also invovled in conducting routine "reconversion" camps and ceremonies.




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