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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

SWI- Bringing the Word of God into the dens of Satan

SWI - Strategic World Impact
Mission Organization Overcomes Hostilities, Attacks and Death Threats

Some have called him a real-life Indiana Jones. He has freed enslaved children, is marked for death by Islamic fundamentalists, has narrowly escaped death multiple times and has been an eyewitness to unspeakable suffering.His name is Kevin Turner, president of Strategic World Impact (SWI), an international mission organization headquartered in northeastern Oklahoma.

The ministry, which focuses on areas of war, disaster and Christian persecution, has sent humanitarian teams over the years to some of the most dangerous areas in the world including Iraq, Sudan, Burma, Pakistan and Afghanistan. “We’re the tip of the spear,” said Turner, who along with his wife, founded the organization in 1997. “There’s so much suffering in these areas and we’re willing to place our lives on the line to help those in need,” he added. Turner is all too familiar with the dangers. In the past, he has been fired upon by helicopter gunships, attacked by an angry mob in Africa and was moments away from being killed by Muslims who had put a contract out on his life. However, SWI, which is mainly comprised of specially trained Disaster Assistance Response Training (DART) teams, continues to press on despite the dangers. Earlier this year, they inaugurated a school in the heart of Islamic Pakistan where Muslim, Hindu and Christian children receive a faith-based education. Soon after its opening, the school was threatened and vandalized.

Turner contends his organization’s services are necessary and relevant due to events unfolding in the Middle East and other areas of the world. “With an exponential increase in war and natural disaster, it’s important to be on the front lines, sharing our faith and offering hope. Foods, blankets, shelter and medicine are used as a key to unlock the hearts of the oppressed,” he added. Turner often campaigns to raise awareness about the dangers, oppression, and atrocities he’s seen in his past 16 years of mission work, and has testified before the US Congress on several occasions. He concluded, “The things we experience and witness are unimaginable to most people. However, members of our teams continue their efforts in these difficult areas because they are willing to live for something greater than themselves.”

For more information, visit http://www.swi.org/ or call 877-786-8355


Work in areas where the body of Christ is persecuted the Gospel restricted, and areas where, due to hostile situations, the people face eternity each day.

Always seek to operate in areas where other groups have pulled out or aid has not yet been delivered.

Use DART (Disaster Assistance Response Teams) teams trained to make field evaluations and assessments to properly ascertain the needs of people and churches in targeted areas.

Attempt to alleviate human suffering through a strategic response that will include food, clothing, medicine, and/or shelter.

Use strategic response as a key to unlock the door of closed, restricted, and war-torn nations.

Assist in evangelizing a country during crisis situations.

Provide the Church with materials for Christian education and evangelism.

Partner with churches and parachurch organizations to assist with logistics, operations, and vision casting.

It is our prayer to be used by the Lord to encourage the body of Christ to further rise to the call of world evangelism, particularly in forsaken areas.

Like David facing down Goliath, we choose to "run to the battle" rather than flee from it. "David left his things with the keeper of supplies, ran to the battle lines and greeted his brothers." 1 SAMUEL 17:22

For more information, visit http://www.swi.org/ or call 877-786-8355.



  • Yes a God that allows entire Galaxies to collide with 250 million suns in each and billions of planets, and a God that allows mankind to war and kill billions since year one, he is truly a merciful God, and he should be worshipped as the God of war, for it is clear, love thy tribe above all else kill the others, and praise the Lord!

    By Blogger EuroYank - Virginia Hoge, at 3:20 PM  

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