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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Book of Hebrews Chapter 3 PODCAST

Book of Hebrews Chapter 3 PODCAST
File Size: 30 MB Run time: 37 minutes

This is a new bible study podcast series and we begin with the Book of Hebrews. Hebrews is a wonderful and enlightening book within the New Testament and may seem difficult to read the first few times. Grab your bible and read along with us as we explore, ask questions, provide answers, and expound on the verses in Hebrews chapter 3.

*If you do not have a bible, CLICK HERE for a copy of Hebrews Chapter 3*




  • 1)Chapter 3 begins with "Wherefore"
    -that means that the author continues the discussion which he left at Chapter 2.He calls the Hebrew Jews as "holy brethren"&
    "partakers of the heavenly calling."In Chapter2,the author tells that Jesus is not ashamed to call those that are saved "brethren."v.11).We belong to the
    family of God.Our calling is heavenly calling-upward calling.We are called to live a separated & holy life.Paul told Timothy that he has professed confession among many witnesses.(I Tim.6:12).We have confessed Jesus Christ as Lord &
    Saviour.(Rom.10:9,10).The writer asks the readers to consider Jesus Christ who is the Apostle and the Holy Priest.This is the only place where Jesus Christ is called the Apostle.He has come into the world and fulfilled His mission.He has made atonement for our sins.
    2)In Chapters 1&2,the author has pointed out that Jesus is better than the prophets&angels.Now he shows that Jesus is better than angels.In Num.12:7,we read that
    "Moses was faithful in all mine house."The author says that Moses was faithful in all his house as a servant whereas Jesus was Son over the house.He was the builder of the house.We are the temple of the Holy Spirit.(I Cor.6:19).We have to hold fast our confession and should not retreat.
    3)In verses 7-11,quotations from Ps.95:7-11 are mentioned and it is told that they are the words of the Holy Spirit.The Israelites saw the works of God-miracles,wonders
    -miraculous provisions of food &water.But they murmured,argued and rebelled against God.They did not listen to His voice but disobeyed Him.(See Ex.17:7&Num.20:13;Massah
    In Deut.14:22,we see that they tempted the Lord ten times.They did not hear the voice of the Lord.
    Because of unbelief they had to wander in the wilderness for 40 years.Only Caleb& Joshua had entered Canaan.All the others died in the wilderness.
    4)Life lessons:
    i)We must not drift away from the living God due to unbelief.
    ii)We must encourage one another daily so that no one backslide due to hardening of heart
    iii)Our faith is tested before we enter into rest.We have to be steadfast in our faith.We must be patient when we face trials and temptations.We must be thankful to God for what He has done in the past.We must reach the goal.

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