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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Epistle of Jude Bible Study PODCAST

Epistle of Jude PODCAST Bible Study
File size: 31 MB Run Time: 33 minutes

This is another bible study podcast and we tackle the short epistle of Jude.
Jude brings out several very interesting topics. Jude speaks of the Archangel Michael rebuking Satan over the body of Moses.
Jude also quotes the Book of Enoch in his short letter. We discuss Sodom and Gomorrah and expound on what went on there...so young listeners should be warned. However, there is no need for a "rating" because many events in the Old Testament would have to be given a rating, and that is outrageous.

We highly recommend that you click on the links below so that you can understand what works Jude was talking about.


1) Click HERE to read and/or print a copy of the Epistle of Jude

2) Click HERE to read the only parts left of the Assumption of Moses.
(Relates to Jude verse 9)
All translations of the Assumption of Moses are now incomplete and the only proof that Jude 9 refers to this old work comes from Clement of Alexandria, Origen and Didymus.

For a wonderful commentary on Jude 9, download this free book and scroll
to pages 268 through 272.
Download this free book HERE.

3) Click HERE to read a copy of the Book of Enoch
(Relates to Jude verses 6, 14 & 15)
Note: Verses 14 & 15 are from the Book of Enoch 1:9




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