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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Chrisitan Persecution in INDONESIA

More persecution from Indonesia...

INDONESIA (Compass Direct)
A pastor and his wife living in Aceh province, Indonesia, have gone into hiding after a Muslim mob set fire to a church building September 1st. Several weeks ago, Pastor Luther Saragih of an Indonesia Evangelical Mission Church congregation, distributed letters to several villages in Aceh inviting Christians to a revival service. A Muslim resident somehow received a copy of the letter and edited it, making it appear that Muslims were invited to the service. More than 500 Christians arrived for the service, along with a large crowd of irate Muslims. Police detained Saragih and scolded him for organizing the service, but another pastor was able to deliver a brief sermon before the event was cut short.

Later that night, a mob of more than 100 men poured gasoline over the building and set it on fire. They also attempted to burn a second building used as a church kindergarten and came looking for Saragih and his wife at their nearby house. The couple escaped to the jungle. Christians in a neighboring province have provided shelter for Saragih and his pregnant wife. Local police and Muslim leaders are reportedly still searching for the couple. Despite this grave resistance, church members have moved their worship services to a local house, as they refuse to buckle under Muslim attacks.

Pray God will keep his faithful servants safe from harm. Pray many of the Muslims who heard the brief sermon will be moved to seek the Lord. Praise God the members of this church are continuing to meet, praising God in the knowledge that He is building His church and the gates of hell can not prevail against it.

John 15:20
Remember the word that I said to you, ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you. If they kept My word, they will keep yours also.




  • Ye err, not knowing the Scriptures.
    When Jesus spoke of the gates of hell not prevailing against the true church, He meant exactly that. The gates of hell did not prevail against Jesus when He went there to save the lost and deal Satan a crushing blow. Neither will the gates of hell prevail against the church when Christians live Godly lives, and through their witness bring about the salvation of many.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:17 PM  

  • Manny-

    Thanks for your comments...you are a steady reader and I appreciate your input. Allow me to express that we have a variety of topics that we blog about in order to create just that...variety on the blog. These topics are important to address for our group and we have never implied that the church is losing in a battle between Satan.

    Chrisitan persecution is alive and well just as it always has...and we are trying to do a small part in raising that awareness. I do not understand why you are connecting this blog post with hell not prevailing over the church. Satan is still here...persecution is still here...His church is still here... Do you know how many people send me comments that Christians TODAY are getting their well deserved payback for the Inquisition of the Roman Catholic Church? That is how the Devil influences the minds of men and women and I am going to post about the persecution of my brothers and sisters.

    Manny, I need to point something out. You have said it once before and I took it as a possible mis-use of words but you have used the word again and I would like to ask you to clarify. Do you believe that Christians are living "GODLY" lives? Through what means do Christians live Godly? By Faith or Good works, or something else?

    So, are you saying that living "Godly" protects you from Satan? That living "Godly" protects the church from Satan? Or that living "Godly" brings people to Christ? Or living "Godly" brings about salvation? How do you live "Godly"?

    I would like to discuss this with you and you can e-mail us if you do not want your posts on the blog: btocontact@aol.com

    God Bless

    By Blogger Blogger, at 1:28 PM  

  • You have some nerve

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:52 PM  

  • Anonymous-


    By Blogger Blogger, at 9:36 PM  

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