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Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Seven Sacraments --Holy Matrimony PODCAST

The Seven Sacraments---Holy Matrimony
43.7 MB Run Time: 77 minutes

In this podcast we discuss the sacrament of marriage. We also discuss various topics within marriage which include: the first marriage, pseudepigraphic works discussing Cain and Abel, soul mates, the biblical basis for marriage, the problem of promiscuity, the role of the husband and wife, discrepancies between church doctrine and scripture, Jesus' role in marriage, advice on marital problems, and the problems with the Western worlds conception of divorce and how divorce is not in accordance with God's plan for marriage. This is one of five sacraments that is not based in Scripture, and we share our own personal experience, biblical knowledge and common sense while exploring this sacrament. If you plan on getting married or are married, this podcast will help focus on the true meaning of marriage and help avoid problems within marriages.




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