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Friday, May 09, 2008

Hebrews Chapter 12 PODCAST

Book of Hebrews Chapter 12 PODCAST
38.5 MB Run time: 42 minutes

This is a continued bible study podcast series on the Book of
Hebrews. Hebrews is a wonderful and enlightening book within the
New Testament and may seem difficult to read the first few times.
Grab your bible and read along with us as we explore, ask questions,
provide answers, and expound on the verses in Hebrews

(Click HERE for the Bible verses)




  • Many saints have run the race before us and they have completed it.We have to look at them.Their faith had been tested.But they had firm faith in the promises of God.When we look at the lives of Abraham &Sarah,(Isa 51:2),we get encouragement.The list of heroes of faith is in Heb.11.When we see their lives, we are encouraged to go forward.Let us go forward with faith.Let us not give up.
    We are chastened by God for our benefit-for our purification&for our growth-so that we may be useful to Him.God proves His love for us by chastening us.Let us not be discouraged.Let us revive our prayer life &work for Him for His glory.We must live peacefully with others.We must have right relationship with God and men.
    Let us be careful in the walk with God.Let us not backslide & lose the crown.Let us remember Esau
    We are saved by the precious blood of Jesus Christ.Jesus will come as a Judge.We have to give account for our lives to Him.So let us lead a holy life pleasing to Him.Let us have the fear of God.Let us serve God.

    By Blogger Alex, at 5:43 PM  

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