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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hebrews Chapter 13 PODCAST

Book of Hebrews Chapter 13 PODCAST
62 MB Run time: 68 minutes

This is a continued bible study podcast series on the Book of
Hebrews. Hebrews is a wonderful and enlightening book within the
New Testament and may seem difficult to read the first few times.
Grab your bible and read along with us as we explore, ask questions,
provide answers, and expound on the verses in Hebrews

(Click HERE for the Bible verses)




  • 1)As disciples of Jesus,we serve God by showing love to fellow believers (v1,Jn.13:35)and hospitality to strangers(v2,Gen.18,19),remembering the afflicted(v3)and honoring the marriage relationship.(v4)
    2)We must not have the love of money.we must trust the living God
    who provides all things needed for our satisfaction &enjoyment.(v5,I Tim.6:10,17.We are having the assurance of the presence of God and the promise that He will not forsakeus.(v5,Deut.31:6,8,Matt.28:20)He will not let us down.Men who are supposed to be with us and help us may rise against us and forsake us.But God is faithful to keep His promises.We need not fear men or to face critical circumstances.God is our helper in times of
    3)We have to show respect and honor the spiritual leadership and follow the good examples of leaders.(7,17)Leaders are responsible for the spiritual growth & maturity for the persons entrusted to them to lead.(v20)Servant hood leadership is the best leadership and that is the one which was taught by Jesus Christ to His disciples by words and actions.Jesus practiced that kind of
    4)Jesus Christ has shed His blood as sacrifice for our sins on the Cross (v12,20)and rose again on the third day(v20)Jesus is our Great Shepherd.He is our Guide.We have to follow His footsteps.He is our perfect example.We have to lead a Holy life in this world.(v20,21)
    5)Our citizenship is in heaven(v14,Heb.11:13;Phil.3:20;Lk.10:20)We wait for the Second Return of Christ.He will come and take us to Heaven.This is our Blessed Hope.
    6)We have to offer praises to God and do good to others to please Him.(v15;Ps.55:23;Gal.6:9)God will make us perfect in every good work to do His will.(21)

    By Blogger Alex, at 10:09 PM  

  • Leadership

    Leadership:(1)Moses,Nehemiah,Peter,Paul are great leaders of the Bible.By studying their biographies&their teachings,we learn much about leadership.
    2)Jesus taught & practiced servant leadership.Servant hood &Servant leadership are different.The phrase servant leadership was coined by Dr.Robert Greenleaf in 1970.He says"The servant leader is servant first..then a leader."
    3)Peter says in I Peter5:3,4."Don't be tyrants but lead them by your good example,and when the Head Shepherd comes,your reward will be never-ending share in His glory and honor"(Living Bible).Leading by example is the criterion.It must be remembered that leaders are accountable.Love &care must be shown to those they lead and they must be satisfied with their growth &satisfaction of the followers.
    4)Church needs good &wise leaders today.Let's pray.


    By Blogger Alex, at 7:44 PM  

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