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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Insane Radical Hindus Persecuting Christians in INDIA

For the past several months, persecution against Christians throughout India has continued to increase as Hindu militants use state anti-conversion legislation as a weapon against Christians. Several reports arrived this week, recounting the attacks on believers in Jesus Christ.

In Nana Badvani, Madhya Pradesh, a mob of more than twenty Hindus entered a church meeting on the evening of September 24. According to VOMC sources, two pastors were severely beaten. The attackers demanded that they renounce their faith in Christ or risk death. The Bible of one of the pastors was torn apart and spat on. They were then taken to the police station where they were accused of forcible conversions.

Two days earlier in the same state, two evangelists were ambushed on their way to the village of Khedli. According to a September 26 report from Compass Direct, Lakhan Pawar was severely beaten. Both he and his companion, Shailendra Pawar, were arrested and charged with insulting Hinduism. At last report, they were still in custody. They have not filed a bail petition for fear of further attacks if they were released.
On the evening of September 12, Pastor Job Ramanjanum was leading a small prayer meeting in his home in Nehruji Nagar, Karnataka. Just after the prayer meeting ended, a mob stormed the house and dragged Pastor Job, his wife and four-year-old child from their home and the couple was badly beaten.

In Buntwal, Karnataka, two pastors were called to the police station on September 20. The Sub Inspector asked them to not allow Hindus to attend their prayer meetings. When the pastors replied that they cannot prevent anyone from attending, a group of militant Hindus, who were present at the time, threatened that they would not allow any future prayer meetings to take place. The Sub Inspector told the pastors that he could not provide protection for them from such threats.

In the village of Diviya, Gujarat, pastors Arun Daniel (38) and Dasrath Bai (30) were meeting in a home with six other believers for prayer on September 20. According to VOMC sources, as they left the home, as many as twenty Hindu militants attacked the Christians, shouting anti-Christian slogans and abusive comments. When they went to the police the next day to file a complaint, the Christians were detained. Indian newspaper reports have presented a completely different account of the incident. According to the Indian Express, one of the villagers, Kanji Nayak, accused the eight "missionaries" of offering various inducements to the villagers if they would convert to Christianity. He claimed that, when the Christians faced opposition to their message, one of them pulled out a hand-made pistol and shot three rounds at the fleeing villagers. A cartridge was allegedly recovered from the scene, along with Bibles and leaflets. No weapons have been recovered, but six of the Christians are being held in connection with the incident. The Global Council of Indian Christians has completely rejected the newspaper account, calling it inflammatory and completely baseless.

Pray that believers throughout India will find strength and comfort in the refuge God provides (Psalm 127). Pray that they will not fear but remain faithful even if it means giving their lives for Christ (Revelation 2:10). Pray that they will continue to meet together and find mutual encouragement and support (Hebrews 10:23-25). Pray that the innocence of those facing false charges will become obvious to all and that their accusers will be put to shame.

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  • I am personally aware of similar mob attacks by militant Hindus in Goa in recent years.
    Thanks for highlighting this issue.

    By Blogger Al Shaw, at 11:45 PM  

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